As an (almost) lifelong vegetarian and foodie, I thought I knew a lot about eating well. A minor health blip a couple of years ago provoked a reassessment. I have embarked on a new food and activity journey inspired  by some special people along the way -principally yogis, herbalists & raw fooders.  But this is not about the blind acceptance of a different lifestyle or some New Age rant. More a perspective honed by the cynicism of age and a career spent analysing other people’s behaviour and motivations. Grumpy old psychologist on food and health.

After a career as a qualitative researcher for major corporates and government bodies, Penny is now  a director of Meadowlark 39, a juice bar and healthy eating café, part of Meadowlarkyoga.com. She is currently training to be a yoga teacher with avidyogi.com. She is newly married for the second time and has two grownup daughters.

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